Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crafty Saturday #34

Honestly, I cannot keep straight what my plans and goals for this blog are, which is not a terrible thing because I do find it necessary to be so strict and routine about every single thing in life. With this being said, I still would like to have some general, broad idea just for the sake of knowing. But it is my blog so I suppose I have to decide where to go with this blog.
I really do love blogging, but there are times when it can feel like a chore, and then where does that get me? Have you ever felt that way before? I'm not sure if it's a temporary writer's block situation or if it is something greater than that. I just need to find my inspiration and motivation to keep doing it on a more regular basis, rather than when I get around to it.

Anyway, let's get on to the Crafty Saturday post. I'm not sure if I will keep doing these for much longer because it seems like all the diys I come across are all the same (I know that there are so many great ideas out there, but very few seem to strike my fancy lately), but we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I just don't seem to have as much luck with Pinterest anymore.

Tea Bags, via A Beautiful Mess

Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed, via Mox & Fodder

Removable Shoe Fringe, via The Dainty Squid

If you're looking for more craft and DIY ideas, head over to my pinterest!

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  1. Such cute ideas! Love 'em. c:



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