Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lounge Act

Don't tell me what I wanna hear  
Afraid of never knowing fear  
Experience anything you need 
I'll keep fighting jealousy

"Lounge Act" - Nirvana

TBA: S/S 2012

Sure, it is getting a bit late in the season to be sharing Spring/Summer collections, but who really cares? Not me.
I really adore the Spring/Summer TBA: To Be Adored lookbook and how how the looks combine contemporary with classic pieces. It all feels so fresh and free. View and shop the collection here.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Favorite Looks This Week (Take 2)

I'm not off to a good start posting my favorite looks every week, but that's okay. Here is this week's edition:

1. I love the peep of sky blue those socks provide. It's a great contrast to the skirt.
2. I really adore off the shoulder tops, and those shorts! They look like the ones I posted about here.
3. I can't get enough of bustier tops...I realy love that this one is paired with a very high waisted skirt.
4. I love everything about this look - the skirt, the tied top, the jewelry, the red lips, the bun - just everything!
5. That dress is so beautiful - the detailing is just gorgeous.
6. I think that top is really cute. It has a vintage look, and I love the necklace paired with it.
7. I had to add this look because I didn't think it was possible to not look like a dweeb with Mickey Mouse ears, but she pulled it off here.
8. I really love this romper; it has a similar vintage vibe as the shirt in #6 does.


Friday, July 27, 2012


I would not by any means call myself a very patriotic person, but the Olympics always instill a sense of patriotism in me. Here are some good 'ole American influenced looks just in time for the start of the Olympics tonight. Go Team USA!

Team USA

Karen Kane draped top / Club L tall shirt, $25 / Skinny leg jeans / Monki lace skirt, $27 / Maison Martin Margiela shoes, $245 / Kate Spade ballet shoes / Alex and Ani jewelry / Vintage beaded jewelry, $225 / JouJou red earrings, $39 / China Glaze neon nailpolish, $15

Starting Now

I want to crawl back inside my bed of sin 
I want to burn the sheets that smell like your skin  
Instead I'll wash them just like kitchen rags with stains  
Spinning away any piece that remains of you
- "Starting Now", Ingrid Michaelson

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If I had a million dollars... [1]

 Here's my attempt at starting a fairly regular series called "If I had a million dollars..." If you couldn't figure out from the title, it's going to be items I would buy if I had the money (and consumerist mindset)!

Something Else Splice Strap Dress, By Something Else by Natalie Wood @ Koshka
I really love the straps on this dress - it would be so perfect for a night out on the town with the girls!

Hollowed Flower Printed Yellow Shorts @ Romwe
I really love the bold funky pattern of these shorts! They're very playful and fun.

Drew. Amber Crystal Ring @ This Enchanted Pixie
This amber ring is just beautiful. It reminds me of archaeology and fossils and such.

Bursa Khaki Green Vegan Platform Sandals @ Alternative Outfitters

I wouldn't call myself much of a shoe person by any means (especially because
it can be hard to find cute vegan shoes), but these sandals are just adorable!

And more...........
  1. This bracelet is small and simple, yet can make a big statement in any outfit.
  2. I don't think I would be able to contain my excitement/laughter after finding the otter on the bottom of this surprise otter mug.
  3. My wrists are too small to be able to wear cuff bracelets, but if I could, this cuff would be ideal to pair with any bohemian-inspired outfit.
  4. These black cat sunglasses make me giggle! I would love to wear these and see people's reactions.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sporty Spice

Inspired by the summer Olympics, I figured I would share a few sporty looks with you. Hope you like them!

Preppy Sporty

Sassy & Sporty

Sporty Femme

Abercrombie & Fitch lace shirt / Sweatshirt hoody, $110 / Ksubi short shorts / Keds sneaker / J.Crew crystal earrings

Street Sporty

Block top / John Lewis black pants, $13 / Creative Recreation shoes, $50 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cigarette Burns

"i guess the pills don't work and the drinks don't work
in the morning it hurts like cigarette burns
the summer's daft and winter's long" - Cigarette Burns, Flunk

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fair Trade Jewelry

Fair Trade is a movement that is very important to me. The Fair Trade Movement is based on the ethic of providing fair and rightful wages to farmers, artisans, and workers globally, especially in developing nations.
Ten Thousand Villages is a wonderful store that sells a wide variety of homemade and authentic Fair Trade goodies from artisans all around the globe.
They have a wonderful array of jewelry for sale, so I thought I would share some of the jewelry with you (and the stories behind them, as well).

Maasai Glass Bead Earrings, $16: "These Maasai artisans [the makers of these earrings] live about an hour from Nairobi in the Ngong Hills. Namayiana has provided many benefits to the more than 100 families involved. Income from craft sales has helped to provide food, clothing and school fees for the artisans’ families."

 Variegated Serpentine Necklace, $49: Intercrafts Peru is a nonprofit civic association promoting export sales of Peruvian handicrafts. A democratic cooperative of artisan groups, Intercrafts Peru allows artisans full participation in organizational decisions. The group's aim is to keep overhead costs low, to share responsibility so more income remains in the hands of the artisans, and to explore new markets...Benefits to members include health care, loan funds and advances, school supplies and books, training programs and technical assistance."

 Teardrop Choker, $18: "Noah's Ark International Exports is a fair trade handicraft marketing organization in Moradabad, India. Most of the artisans are women, who benefit from the fact that they can work from home and maintain their responsibilities for children and household. Noah's Ark provides benefits such as education and medical treatment for artisans and their families."

 Ancient Echoes Ring, $16: Fair Trade Egypt, based in Cairo, Egypt, serves 40 producer organizations that incorporate some 2,700 artisans...Fair Trade Egypt creates employment in marginalized communities, works for greater equity in employment conditions between men and women, encourages children’s education by eliminating the need for them to work, and provides greater access to services in health and education. The organization also seeks to have only a positive impact on the environment, and to preserve traditional craft techniques in Egypt. The organization gives high priority to safe and healthy working conditions, as a principle tenet of fair trade."

 Frond Batik Wooden Bangle, $7.50: Java Ixora, named for “soka,” a Javanese flower, is located in Yogyakarta, Central Java [Indonesia]. Java Ixora helps small artisan groups market their products. Its artisan groups create traditional ikat fabric, leather, ceramic and bamboo products, as well as furniture and small wooden accessory items.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello, I'm in Delaware

How many hearts will die tonight
And will things have changed
I guess I'll find out in seventeen days

But I will see you again
I will see you again a long time from now

"Hello, I'm in Delaware" -  City and Colour

Friday, July 13, 2012

Zucchini Chocolate Spice Cake with Chocolate Ganache

This past weekend I went to a farmer's market to pick up some fresh, local zucchini and then decided to make this AMAZING cake! It's extremely rich, but absolutely delectable (and so moist!!)! And, of course, vegan.

Here is the recipe, via Ripe From Around Here: A Vegan Guide to Local and Sustainable Eating (No Matter Where You Live) by jae steele, which I altered slightly from the original published recipe. (find the book here, on Amazon.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sun Comes Up


My best friend is an extremely talented photographer and took these photos of me when she visited me two weeks ago. It's always a pleasure shooting with her. We've been best friends for 18 years now. View more of her pictures on her flickr here.

Friday, July 6, 2012

You are my Sunshine

You are my Sunshine

Favorite Looks This Week, Take 1

It's safe to say that I have a slight addiction when it comes to Lookbook. I love browsing all the different looks and drawing from styles around the world.

Here are some of my favorite looks I saw this week:

    1. I love the carefree vibe of the untucked shirt, bell bottoms, and head scarf. The red lips really add to the look.
    2. This look is just so fun in everyway; from her wild hair down to her Mickey Mouse dress shirt.
    3. I've been lusting after a sheer blouse of some sort, and I really love this one with the bold color accent. I also love how she kept it casual with cut-off shorts and Converse's.

    4. I love these bright red skinny jeans! I love that she kept up the rocker vibe with the fedora and tee, but added the matching necklace.
    5. This look is so simple, but she wears it so well that I just hadd to include it in my list.
    6. I'm always in awe by people who can pull off wearing an old rocker tee with a skirt and keep the look edgy and sexy.
    7. Another look featuring my obsession for colored pants! But besides those pants, look at that amazing space-inspired shirt! I can't get enough of space stuff.

    8. I adore this crochet top and how fun it is paired with the bright shorts.
    9. Rock n' roll with a little bit of fun with the peek-a-boo neon bandeau bra - so much fun.
    10. This look is so soft and elegant; she looks like a beautiful woodland fairy.
    11. Fringe is always fun, and I'm all about showing a little bit of leg while still keeping it classy.

all looks via Lookbook

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've been stretching my ears since March 2011. The other night, I finally reached what I have decided to be my largest size: 1/2 inch (almost 13mm).
Now that I'm at my final size, I can buy various styles of plugs to change up my style without having to worry about stretching and not being able to wear them anymore.
Here are some of my favorite 1/2" plugs that I discovered on Etsy:

To view my entire list of favorites, click HERE.
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