Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspired by: American Horror Story Coven

Yes, I'm aware everyone has already done American Horror Story: Coven, and it is talked about way too much...but can you really blame people?? I personally loved the show, and probably more for the fashion than for the plot (can't say I was blown away by the fairytale ending). Despite how overdone it is, I put together some looks inspired by some of the most stylish and iconic characters in AHS Coven. Enjoy!

note: click on each picture to be directed to Polyvore to see the clothing used

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Mind When You Have the Flu

So I've spent the past week on bed rest with the flu (and therefore extreme asthma problems because that's how my body rolls), and let me tell you...I've completely lost my mind! I'm not just talking about the feverish hallucinations that made me feel like I was out of my mind, but also extreme boredom. Sure the first few days are filled with sleeping and Netflix marathons, but depending on how long you're sick for, that can get boring after a while. So I've decided to put together some tips on how to keep your sanity when you're home sick for far too long!

stupid excuses calling in sick
image via

  1. Read a book - Now the biggest problem I had when I was sick was that I spent every waking moment in front of my computer. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, but I somehow managed to forget that books even existed (again, I'm blaming the fever). Sitting in front of the computer only made me feel more exhausted and gave me headaches.
  2. Take a long, hot bath - Not only will this help relieve you of some of your symptoms (body aches, congestion, etc.), but chances are it has been far too long since you've indulged in treating yourself. So break out the bubble bath and relax a little. Which brings us to our next tip....
  3. Give yourself a mani/pedi - You have all the time in the world when you're sick (since no one wants to see you leave your house), so why not take the time to give yourself a complete mani/pedi. I'm talking soak, cuticles, file, paint, moisturize, the works!
  4. Learn something new - In between binges of watching your favorite series on repeat, watch a documentary or two. Netflix has some amazing documentaries. Or, if you would rather something quicker, watch a TED talk or two.
  5. Create - Always complaining that you don't have enough time to DIY? Well now you have time! Scour those pins you've been saving, or check out some crafts that I've been meaning to try.
  6. Clean out your closet - Let's be real: we all have more clothes than we need (plus we're always saying that we hate all of our clothes). Well now is the chance to go through your clothes and donate what you don't need, want, or like (or you could try selling them online, like I am).
  7. Meditate - Nothing in the world is more relaxing than meditating. If you start your meditation practice when you are sick and have the time, then you are more likely to make room for it in your every day life because you know how much it helped you relax! I personally prefer to meditate with guided meditation podcasts and youtube videos, but nothing beats sitting up and shutting your mind off to everything else around you.
  8. Test out a new recipe - If you still have your taste buds/stomach while you're sick, why not try out a new recipe. It could be anything from a family dinner to a sweet treat you're craving.
  9. Reconnect with an old friend - Perhaps you have some old friends or loved ones that you haven't meant to lose touch with, but reality just got in the way. Now is the time to send them that Facebook message to let them know you miss them (or better yet, write a letter and mail it!).
  10. Go to bed early - Perhaps the most important tip of all when you're sick is to go to bed early. Any late-night shows you must watch can be dvr'ed and watched the next day (since you'll be bored then too). Getting a good night's rest is crucial to feeling well again, plus getting a few extra hours of sleep will save you from those few extra hours of boredom.
I hope you all are well (and avoiding the flu), and I hope you liked these tips. What do you think? Should I do more posts like these? I always love reading your comments, so keep them coming! x

Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving Art

The other day I came across this video by Stefano Tagliafierro, and all I can say is WOW! Using his sheer brilliance, talent, and some sort of fancy computer software (I'm assuming), he was able to animate some of the most famous works of art from the past, and bring them to life in this video.
Not only is the music arranged so perfectly, but the overall compilation just flows with such beauty, that I was awe-struck after watching it. I highly suggest you all take ten minutes out of your Monday to enjoy this beauty!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crafty Saturday #34

Honestly, I cannot keep straight what my plans and goals for this blog are, which is not a terrible thing because I do find it necessary to be so strict and routine about every single thing in life. With this being said, I still would like to have some general, broad idea just for the sake of knowing. But it is my blog so I suppose I have to decide where to go with this blog.
I really do love blogging, but there are times when it can feel like a chore, and then where does that get me? Have you ever felt that way before? I'm not sure if it's a temporary writer's block situation or if it is something greater than that. I just need to find my inspiration and motivation to keep doing it on a more regular basis, rather than when I get around to it.

Anyway, let's get on to the Crafty Saturday post. I'm not sure if I will keep doing these for much longer because it seems like all the diys I come across are all the same (I know that there are so many great ideas out there, but very few seem to strike my fancy lately), but we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I just don't seem to have as much luck with Pinterest anymore.

Tea Bags, via A Beautiful Mess

Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed, via Mox & Fodder

Removable Shoe Fringe, via The Dainty Squid

If you're looking for more craft and DIY ideas, head over to my pinterest!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Currently - 15 January 2014

Listening - I'm currently not listening to anything, but I hear my brother in the kitchen making lunch. I am visiting my parents' house for the week.

Eating - I just finished eating a bowl of refried beans and black beans with taco seasoning.

Drinking - Water!!

Reading - The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living by Wendy Jehanara Tremayne. I only just started it, but I love it so far.

Watching - I just finished watching a three-part Discovery documentary series on Netflix called Speed of Life. It was fascinating, but a bit gruesome (as nature/wildlife documentaries can be).

Planning - The drive I will be taking up to New Hampshire to visit my boyfriend this afternoon! :)

Wearing - I'm ashamed to admit this, but I am still wearing what I wore to bed last night, which is a pair of sweatpants with a really soft sweater.

Nails - Also a mess...chipped light pink. I don't really have any means of fixing them here at my parents' house, either.

Feeling - A bit under the weather. I think it is mostly in part due to anxiety surrounding getting a job.

Weather - It's quite sunny out and really not as it was a few weeks ago. During the blizzard, we got the lowest temperature I've ever seen living in Massachusetts for over 20 years, which was a windchill of -20F (-28C).

Wanting - A nap would be nice, but I would just like to be with my boy already.

Needing - A job! (This was my sentiment when I last did one of these posts two months ago, and here I am still in need of a job.)

Thinking -That I might watch the latest episode of Girls since my mom and brother just headed out.
Enjoying - Life. Because what else is there to do but enjoy it.

A picture of me being angsty last weekend just because. :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Keep Your Chin Up, Beautiful

Just a reminder that we can get through the toughest of times. Sometimes we feel too small in such a large world to make a difference, to be seen, to break through and conquer our goals.
These flowers growing through pavement help me remember that there is never an obstacle too large.
I can handle anything. You can handle anything. We can handle anything.

Happy Monday, friends. Here's to a beautiful and inspired week.

Image sources unknown. Photos found via tumblr.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crafty Saturday #33

Happy Saturday, everyone! I'm just dropping by to share some cute craft and DIY ideas that I've found this week. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I know I am...tonight I'm going to see my boyfriend's band play (for the first time!). Do you have any exciting plans?

DIY Delicate Jewelry Storage (16)
Delicate & Simple Jewelry Storage, via AP&AS

Crystal Rhinestone & Safety Pin Necklace, via High on DIY

Organic Homemade Lotion, via Sincerely, Kinsey
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