Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Persun, Part One

Persun is a great, new online store that has such a wide variety of clothes and accessories! It's one of those stores that you can go to and find whatever you need or want. Not only do they have many styles of clothes and accessories, they also have semi-formal, formal, and wedding dresses. I have decided to split the wishlist into two posts (one today, one tomorrow). Today's post will feature clothing and accessories. Tomorrow's post will feature the formal wear section, as well as jewelry.

Cat Head Dress - $46.99

Long Sleeve Lace Dress - $52.99

Floral Print Dress - $71.59

Vintage-Style Purple Dress - $120.99

Long Back Chiffon Top - $35.99

Colorful Balloons Top - $43.99

Short Summer Tee - $38.99

Vintage Style Dog Top - $33.99

Retro Checked Sweater - $49.99

Colorful Horse Printed Skirt - $25.99

Candy Color Skirt - $41.99

Colorful Sport Shorts - $82.99

Heart Pattern Fishnet Tights - $19.99

Meteor Jacquard Tights - $14.99

Sweet Style Foiled Sandals - $51.99

Colorful Beaded Wedge Sandals - $35.99

Contrast Color Bag - $39.21

Artistic Style Canvas Backpack - $79.99

Retro Tassel Bag - $79.99

Elegant Polka Dot Print Scarf - $22.99


  1. Loving the lace dress and those starry tights. Fun!


  2. All kinds of pretty things. I love the floral dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. :)

  3. I love that first cat dress :)

  4. I love retro bag


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