Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Lace Affair

Today's wishlist features Lace Affair, a gorgeous online store that is actually based out of my home state of  Massachusetts (they're about 40 minutes away from me, which I only just learned today). Lace Affair has one of the best dress sections I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot! They also have gorgeous clothes, accessories, and jewelry. Some of my favorite items from the site are below. Enjoy!
All that Glitters is Coral Dress - $72.99
Beaded Sweetheart Dress - $74.99
Butterfly Babydoll Dress - $79.99
Clementine Be Mine Dress - $28.99

Angel Wings Lace Blouse - $41.99

The Janie Skirt - $18.99

Can You Feel the Love Slip - $24.99

The Wildcard Cardigan - $18.99

All the Ropes Move Sweater - $19.99

It's a Wrap Scarf - $9.99

Twenty Years of Trends Scarf - $9.99

Pretty in Pastels Belt - $8.99

Biking in Brooklyn Necklace Set - $6.99

The Athena Bracelet - $8.99

Hello Retro Hair Clip - $12.99

Your Cupcake Addiction Will Pay Off Bank - $7.99


  1. Love the picks! I've never heard of this store, but I'm going to have to check it out now after reading this. That clementine dress is AMAZING. Such a beautiful color. Great post! : )


  2. I love the Butterfly Babydoll dress! :)

  3. That bicycle necklace is so fun!

  4. love the second dress, the lace and the subtle colours are really nice.

  5. omg, I would kill to have some of these things!

  6. Beautiful selection I do love the dress.

  7. Great choices! I am off to the website to check it out now.

  8. How cute! I really like the scarf, jewelery, and belt, and they're very reasonably priced! :)


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