Sunday, June 2, 2013

13 in 2013: Halfway Point

Can you believe that 2013 is already half over? I sure can't. Fortunately, we still have summer and autumn to enjoy here in the Northern hemisphere, so I'm pleased.

I figured that now would be a good time to review the goals I set in January, my 13 in 2013, since I don't even remember what half of them were. Here goes nothing.

  1. Start a journal - Well, I started a journal back in January, but I haven't written in it since probably February. Once I find it (most of my items from school are still in bins), I would like to start writing more!
  2. Get back in shape - I have been making a little bit of progress on this, especially in the past few weeks, but I want to try harder. I especially want to bike more.
  3. Eat less processed foods - I would say that I am doing well with this one, but again, there is definitely room for more improvement. I'm looking forward to doing more cooking now that I have access to a full kitchen again.
  4. Read more for pleasure - I really struggled with this one when school was in session, but now that it is out, I have been reading so much! Would you like it if I do occasional book reviews on the blog?
  5. Take more outfit pictures - What a complete and utter fail! I don't think I've taken an outfit picture since February (maybe even January). This is something I really, really want to add back to the blog! I just need to find somewhere to take pictures.
  6. Try out more hairstyles - I have one or two new hairstyles added to my mix, but this would be cool to work on more (although it's not a priority. I also could use a haircut.).
  7. Get another piercing - DONE! I got my helix pierced a few weeks ago! (check out the picture below)
  8. Start an online shop - This is still in the works. I don't think I will be opening an etsy, but I plan to at least sell some of my old clothes to make some cash.
  9. Get my degree - DONE! I graduated two weeks ago, to the date.
  10. Clean my room at my parents' house - Currently, my room is even more of a mess than it was at the beginning of the year (since I just moved back in, temporarily), but I'm planning on cleaning it all out (I need to put more work towards this, though). 
  11. 12.  13.  Be a better girlfriend, be more positive, be happier - I put the last three together because I have pretty much the same response to all of them: I would say that I am doing quite well with these! My long-distance relationship is definitely a challenge, but we are still trucking along. I have also started using the Happier app (I highly recommend), which asks me each evening to record 3 things that made me happy each day. This allows me to stay positive and happier. I also listen to a lot of podcasts and read "self-help" books. I would say I am on the right track to all three of these goals!

my new helix piercing (done about 2 weeks ago)


  1. Well done for completing at least a couple of your goals, I don't think I've managed any of mine! I can't believe the years practically halfway over, it's gone by so quickly!x

  2. Hi dear,your blog is so cute!!
    I will visit you again,in the meanwhile you can have a look at mine!

  3. You've done pretty good! Love the new piercing!

  4. Good for you for making progress with your 2013 goals! I barely wrote any resolutions down in January! (Although start an Etsy shop was also on my 2012 list, I need to get on that!) And no, I cannot believe 2013 is half over.

  5. Great idea for reviewing New Year's Resolutions. I feel that we often forget about them after two months and only see the list when the year is over. This is great for getting back in track :D
    Love it!

  6. This is a good idea -- and I really like your honesty. I often can't keep resolutions very long... I adore that piercing. I love book reviews!

  7. I think getting your degree should count for 3! That is a major one!

  8. hey hun!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    love your photos and your lay out!
    check my blog if you want!!!

  9. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    At I'm jealous of your helix piercing it looks awesome.
    I wish I made yearly goals bit I KNOE I would forget them pretty much straight away ha ha

  10. Love the idea of checking in halfway through the year to see how you're doing on your goals! It's too easy to just forget them.
    I like to make seasonal goals so that I have a shorter time frame, and they're usually pretty reasonable. I feel like accomplishing a reasonable goal helps me to move on towards the bigger ones!

  11. Oh, I love lists like these! So great!

    Also, I'd never seen the Happier app before. Will have to check it out; sounds like a great thing.

  12. I just started a journal too! I wish you luck as you work toward your goals!


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