Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday Finds #8

Sorry this post is coming to you a day late! This semester is really taking a toll on me - I've been unbearably busy. Hopefully things will ease up a little bit in the upcoming weeks.
Bell Bottom Pants by Blue Life @ Planet Blue
I've always loved radical bell bottoms, ever since I was a child. This pair totally rock
with the ombre tie-dye pattern.
Embellished Bow Pointy Toe Ballet Flat @ Urbanog
The ballerina in me LOVES pink ballet flats. And how cute is this embellished bow?
Vintage Rock Crystal Necklace in blue by Octopus Parlour @ ShanaLogic
This necklace has such a cool design, and that shade of blue is really sweet, too.$product410x615$
Georgina Sweetheart Dress @ Anthropologie
This dress is really cute and perfect for any fancy get together or date night!

And there's more............
  1. I would wear this blouse from A Thread to a not-so-classy college party and suddenly feel totally classy and stylish!
  2. If my ears weren't stretched, I would swoop up these adorable pop out earrings by Limedrop right away.
  3. This striped cardigan from Ruche looks so cozy. I would love to wear this cuddled up with a book and some vegan hot chocolate.
  4. I love learning about crystals and the healing powers they possess, and these healing crystal necklaces from Dixi are just gorgeous.


  1. I want the flats please! :D:D

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  2. I know what you mean about not finding time to blog during school. I've actually stooped to blogging during my easy classes!

    Amanda Rose

  3. Those pants are cool but I love the dress more. So cute.

    / Avy

  4. hey Melissa, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. LOVE these items. especially the dress is superpretty!


  5. Ooooh I love the bell bottoms! I could never pull them off cas I'm quite short but they are so rad!

  6. I have a thing for bellbottoms too! I have pictures of me as a toddler wearing bellbottoms in the early 80s. All the trends come back around eventually. And those pink flats are to die for!

    Thanks for stopping by my website! :)

  7. woah, those pants are killer. I think you need them. And learning about healing crystals sounds really cool, share more!!

  8. Great blog! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

  9. Love the pants! Thanks for commenting on my blog love :)

    xx Steph
    honey & silk


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