Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Urban 1972

So I didn't manage to get this post done yesterday, but here it is a day late! I have avoided dying of heat stroke by spending the weekend at my parents' house, where I will purchase an air conditioning unit for my apartment. Hope those of you in this heat wave are doing alright!

Anyway, today's wishlist is from Urban 1972. This is definitely one of the trendiest places on the web to shop. I found myself wanting so many of their items. I had to cut down my original wishlist so it wouldn't be so painfully long. Here are my absolute favorites that I narrowed it down to!

Candy Cloud Tank - $35

Starry Night Blouse - $18

Haley Tank - $23

The Kensington Blazer - $35

Wear My Heart on My Sleeve Sweater - $41

The Lilly Trouser - $42

Hamptons Shorties - $40

Isabella Romper - $42

Jemma Rose Dress - $51

Kentucky Fields High-Low Dress - $36


  1. You have an amazing taste and in common with me like your entire wishlist.

  2. Really nice Looks!!! So Stylish, love this!!!


  3. That last blue one is gorgeous! :)

  4. I love your taste, all those clothes looks nice.


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