Monday, July 8, 2013

"Big Girl" Work Outfits

As you may have seen in my post yesterday, I have gotten a real life job and will be moving to Boston within the next few weeks. Preparing for the job and the move has been super exciting, but also expensive. I don't have a lot of the furniture I need, nor do I have many professional "big girl" clothes. I have been going to thrift stores and whatnot looking for clothes and have been having some success, but I definitely don't have a wardrobe ready for work. Creating more grown up looks has definitely been a challenge for me - whenever I try on a blazer, I feel like I look like a little girl playing dress up in mommy's closet.

With all this in mind, I decided I would have some fun on Polyvore today and come up with some more professional looks. What do you think?

Work 2
Coast top, $52 / Dot skirt, $130 / Oasis snake skin flat, $27 / Dorothy Perkins peach ring / Dorothy Perkins yellow gold necklace

Work 4
Ted Baker sheer blouse, $105 / Monsoon dress pants / Wingtip shoes, $30 / Satchel handbag, $30 / Leaves ring / Wayfarer sunglasses / Witchery lip gloss, $16 / Urban Star Indian Lilac Solid Plug 2 Pack | Hot Topic

Work 3
Splendid tanktop dress / Object Collectors Item pullover sweater, $64 / Lace up shoes / J.Crew collar necklace / BCBGMAXAZRIA leather belt

Work 1
Silvian Heach , $63 / Wallis cotton cardigan / Witchery pointy toe shoes, $120 / Black satchel / Materia Prima black cat jewelry / Blue Nile gold collar necklace / Menu Design Menu - New Norm Water Bottle, $45


  1. If you're going to be in Boston, check out The Garment District. It's a thrift/costume shop and although the prices aren't as low as places like Goodwill, you can definitely find some quality pieces for a good deal that would probably be good for work :)

  2. I love your combinations! I can't decide which is my favourite one! :)


  3. Awesome picks! I love the brown shoes and trousers, and also your blue & black collection! :)

  4. These are all such cute outfits! Great idea!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  5. Love the outfits. I especially like the floral top and the cream dress and red sweater combo. Congrats on getting a job and moving! That'll be an exciting adventure. I totally understand about moving and it being expensive. I'm apartment hunting with a friend right now and we don't own any furniture like a dinner table or couches and we don't own any kitchen supplies!!!


  6. Such pretty outfits--almost makes me wish I had a job to get dressed up for! My work is rather unglamorous, so unfortunately I can't document what I wear, haha.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Gorgeous looks!
    Especially loving the third one!


  8. I recall when I got my job move out of state and my first apartment was so so empty just a full size bed. I was exited and nervous but before you know your apt will look like a home and every thing else fall in place. Great outfit s.

  9. Hooray - good luck with the move! I'll be moving to Brookline in September and I know how much of a nightmare the whole apartment hunting process is. And after temping in an office for a month, I discovered I didn't have many grown up clothes, either...what a terrible realization to go though! These are so cute and polished, I will be taking notes.

    1. Very cool & thanks for the feedback - I'm actually in Allston, so let me know if you ever want to meet up when you move! x

  10. Ok... I'm kinda loving every single one of these outfits! The best part about getting my first job was re-doing my wardrobe!!!


  11. Great combinations!
    I love all the Outfits!!!

  12. Love the green skirt!

  13. Haha I was wearing 'big girl clothes' today as well, for an interview. I still feel more comfortable in my 'play clothes' (read: outfits that I can climb trees with).



  14. I absolutely love all of these but I think my two favorites have to be the last two, they are gorgeous! <3 Good luck on your new job lovely! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  15. Thanks for coming by my blog Melissa! You have some adorable picks here- I was gonna add my top staples for when I've dressed business casual for work: a black pencil skirt and "businessy" dress! Those can literally be dressed up a million ways, especially with cute extras like the ones you've picked out!

    perfectly priya

  16. Congrats on your job in Boston! I would love to visit Boston someday. The outfits you put together are adorable! New follower :)

    Summer x

  17. Gorgeous outfits and well put together. The green polka dot skirt is simply devine.



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