Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travelling (with ever+mi.crush)

As I have mentioned repeatedly, I have been super busy lately preparing for my big move to the amazing city of Boston. Yesterday, before going out shopping for even more necessary items (after I spent all morning lugging heavy furniture up from the basement), I stopped by my friends house to take some pictures by the tracks behind her house.

I received this romper from the incredibly kind, stylish, and overall awesome online boutique ever+mi.crush. I have previously featured ever+mi.crush in a Wishlist Wednesday in the past, but I cannot stop talking about how gorgeous the items they feature are! I wish I could own every single item.

Anyway, here are the photos my dear friend Jen took!

romper: c/o ever+mi.crush / black ballet flats: Payless

"Travelling the road
less known is where I want to be
My compass directing, electing
an open road with golden trees"
Travelling, by Paper Lions 


 Oh, and here's one of me being a goofball, just because.


  1. Lovely setting and awesome look! :)

  2. You look so cute!
    I love your outfit xo

  3. Great outfit you look so pretty.

  4. my dear you look so cute and adorable in this post,
    kisses from,

  5. Wow that looks so stylish! :-))

  6. What a cute top! You look great :) X

  7. I went to Boston last year. It is an amazing city, I am so glad you are moving there! :D Wish I could, lol


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