Friday, January 9, 2015

Latergrams of 2014

While I took photos this past year, a lot of them did not make it onto Instagram...until last week when I uploaded a massive (okay, not that massive - it was only 9 pictures) dump of #latergram pictures. Enjoy!

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my mother's cousin's incredible cabin - Nova Scotia, July 2014
hiking the Green Mountains - Vermont, September 2014
I made it to the top of the mountain! - Vermont, September 2014
eating vegan soft serve ice cream from Like No Udder - Boston VegFest, October 2014
vegan cupcakes by Hippie Chick Bakery - Boston VegFest, October 2014
the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace - Samantabhadra Buddhist Center, November 2014
Holiday cheer! - Boston metro, December 2014
first smoothie with my new Vitamix - my house, December 2014
I made my own wrapping paper for Christmas - my parent's house, December 2014


  1. gorgeous pictures, I love them :) the cupcakes look very delicious, those pictures are dangerous for me haha :)
    lets follow eachother! let me know and l will follow back :)


  2. Vegan cupcakes!! They look so delicious !!
    Have a happy new year xx

  3. Amazing pictures! So happy that you showed it again!



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