Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Aupie

After coming back from my blogging hiatus, I decided to slightly alter the posts that I have been doing every week. If you are and have been a regular follower, you have probably noticed that I am still doing Tumblr Tuesday and Crafty Saturday, but have not yet done Wishlist Wednesday. As much fun as Wishlist Wednesday was, it was a lot of work to do. I have decided to no longer do a Wishlist Wednesday every single week, but rather I will be doing it occasionally. I'll do these posts when I have a sponsorship agreement with a company (which is the case this week), or when I find a brand I really like and would like to share. How's that sound?

This wishlist Wednesday is brought to you by Aupie.
I was contacted by Aupie earlier this month and asked to do a post featuring my favorite items...I had no idea that there would be so many items I really liked! The site has so many options - there really is something for everyone! I hope you like my picks.
Romantic Lace Dress, $46
Striped Chiffon Dress, $32

Sleeveless Deer Dress, $40                            

Geometric Print Top, $25

Sleeveless Dog Print Shirt, $28

Long Sleeve Swan Print Blouse, $30

Colorful Diamond Print Blouse, $30

Polka Dot Collared Sweater, $48

Geometric Scarf, $11

Blue and White Porcelain Floral Scarf, $28

Signs of the Zodiac Watch, $16

Sunburst Ring, $10

So, what is your favorite item?


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