Monday, December 9, 2013

Instagram Crush: Amelie Mancini

I am going to be completely honest, and inform you all that I have not used instagram since 2011. I didn't understand it back then, and I did not have any interest in understanding it with all the hype surrounding it more recently.
Nonetheless, I finally caved and have started using instagram again. (follow me!: @wildflwrchild)
The reason? Well, first of all my roommate and friends have been bugging me (plus they're constantly using it - what's the hype?). But second, I can across the GORGEOUS instagram of Amelie Mancini. After browsing through her photos, I was inspired to start using instragram again, and boy am I addicted! (another shameless plug to follow me if you have yet - @wildflwrchild) (Also, I'll probably start doing weekly/bi-weekly photo dumps.)
Anyway, I just wanted to share some of Amelie Mancini's gorgeous instagram photos. You can follow her on instagram @ameliemancini and check out her shops: Left Field Cards and Amelie Mancini.


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