Monday, December 16, 2013

Crafty #30

Alright, maybe I am struggling a bit here with keeping up with this blog. I'm really not even all that busy (although I did work a temp assignment doing data entry at the end of last week). Regardless, I think I've been feeling a bit of a lack of inspiration/motivation when it comes to blogging. I need to get myself back into the routine of blogging 5 days of the week, but I am not sure how. Do any of you have advice? Have you been in a similar situation? What did you do to change it? I really appreciate any input you may have. x

On a completely different note, here is the crafty "Saturday" post, that is clearly not being posted on a Saturday. I figured I should at least get the post out there nonetheless, to help out with this whole routine thing.

Big Gem Jumper, via This Fashion is Mine

Fishtail Braided Anchor Bracelet, via SwellMayde

Knit Vase, via Radical Possibility

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  1. I understand how easily you can get out of track if you go some days without blogging! What I do when I'm in this situation is read my notebook where I have written some post ideas and I instantly get inspired/motivated! Reading other bloggers really helps too :)

    Amazing photos,the jumper is so cute!


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