Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Garment District Haul

On Thursday, I went into Cambridge with two of my friends, enjoyed a lovely vegan meal at Veggie Galaxy, and then went shopping at the pay per pound section of The Garment District. I got 4 items (I didn't have a whole lot of luck) at the absurdly low price of $2.70. I love pay per pound secondhand stores! Here are the four items I picked up.

groovy sun tee (to be reconstructed)

80s sweater vest

Express sheer striped top

purple/blue XL cardigan


  1. Great Pieces!
    I saw you commented on my DIY, and so I came to check out your blog, and I saw this! I actually go to school in Boston (I'm from Maine, so I'm there for break at the moment), are you from the area as well?

    Juliette Laura

    1. I'm from about an hour south of Boston and go to school about a half hour south of the city.

  2. Such good items you find! Here in Portugal, the second stores aren't so common. Now there are the flea markets, which in the last I parcipate, selling!

    Kisses and continuation of a nice weekend

  3. ooh, nice! i especially love the cardigan and the top - i can't wait to see how you reconstruct it!

  4. I never have any luck at thrift stores and flea markets for clothes! Household stuff, definitely. Shoes/bags/accessories? Totally! Never clothes. I may need to travel to other places lol.


  5. pay per pound sounds like so much fun! great for RTW but also for mashing it up with some sewing/studding/whatever. im going to google around for some pay by the pounds in NYC.


  6. What an interesting concept! I have never encountered a shop where I can buy clothes by the pound. I love what you found, especially that comfy looking cardigan.

  7. Cute garments! I'm going second-hand shopping tomorrow so this post makes me excited. :D

  8. hello!!!! thanks for your comment, do you want us to follow each other????
    let me know ok!

  9. These are gorgeous :) It sounds like you got some fantastic things at fantastic prices!

  10. Heey, your posts engage me very well :)
    Would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  11. I love second hand shops and thrift shopping!
    You found cute stuff!I went thrift shopping this monday and found a 2 beautiful tweed jackets for such a good price!
    So now you are collecting vintage stuff to start your shop???


  12. love this post!

    visit me :)

  13. Love the cardigan, especially large one, great for days to lounge around.

  14. I love thriting also! These clothes are so cute, I love the vest! You have a really awesome blog

  15. Pay per pound?!?! That's crazy!! These items are so cute! I love the cardigan! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  16. Looove The Garment District!
    I got a really awesome shiny pleather clutch the last time I went :D


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