Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Month in Instagram: October 2014

Hello my dear friends - I apologize for disappearing for quite some time. Life has been hectic as usual, and the upper respiratory viral infection that I had early in the month has come back. I am on my way to recovering now though.
Just to prove how busy I was during October, I only posted two pictures on Instagram, and one of them you have already seen! (It was the apple pie picture from the recipe I posted here).
I plan to try harder on all aspects of my blog (and life) this month. I felt overwhelmed constantly, and I am in the process of making some changes in my life to relieve myself of that.
Anyway, here is the single other picture that I posted on Instagram in October. It is of Donny, the adorably special cat who lives in the apartment I'm in. He has a cleft palette, along with some other issues, but I love him so much (even though I'm a bit allergic).


  1. Omigoodness, I've never seen a cat with a cleft palette and I'm sorry he has some issues to deal with- he sure is adorable though!


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