Monday, November 10, 2014

50 Books in 2014: 41-45

I'm so excited that I only have five more books to finish to reach my goal of reading 50 books in 2014! I'm already in the middle of a few books, so this goal should be met soon. If you want to keep up with what I am reading, feel free to add me as a friend on GoodReads:

1. Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, by Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi
 GoodReads says: "Creativity is about capturing those moments that make life worth living. The author's objective is to offer an understanding of what leads to these moments, be it the excitement of the artist at the easel or the scientist in the lab, so that knowledge can be used to enrich people's lives. Drawing on 100 interviews with exceptional people, from biologists and physicists to politicians and business leaders, poets and artists, as well as his 30 years of research on the subject, Csikszentmihalyi uses his famous theory to explore the creative process. He discusses such ideas as why creative individuals are often seen as selfish and arrogant, and why the tortured genius is largely a myth. Most important, he clearly explains why creativity needs to be cultivated and is necessary for the future of our country, if not the world."
Average Rating: 4.07/5

I said: 3/5 stars, " This book read like an extremely in-depth research paper. It provided fascinating information of the lives of people who are known as some of the greatest creative geniuses of the 20th century. If anything, I would recommend reading part 3. I found it very interesting."

2.  Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living, by Tsh Oxenreider
 GoodReads says: "Remove the Mess, Add Meaning. Simplicity isn't about what you give up. It's about what you gain. When you remove the things that don't matter to you, you are free to focus on only the things that are meaningful to you. Imagine your home, your time, your finances, and your belongings all filling you with positive energy and helping you achieve your dreams. It can happen, and "Organized Simplicity" can show you how."
Average Rating: 3.73/5

I said: 2/5 stars, "This book was very focused on supporting the stay-at-home mom with children and a working husband, which is not everyone's situation. A lot of the projects required a time line much greater than the author suggested. Also, the book seemed to focus primarily on living simply by getting rid of possessions (which is a good start, but not all there is)."

3. An Apple a Day: A Memoir of Love and Recovery From Anorexia, by Emma Woolf
 GoodReads says: "At the age of 32, after ten years of hiding from the truth, Emma Woolf finally decided it was time to face the biggest challenge of her life. Addicted to hunger, exercise and control, she was juggling a full-blown eating disorder with a successful career, functioning on an apple a day. Having met the man of her dreams (and wanting a future and a baby together), she decided it was time to stop starving and start living. And as if that wasn’t enough pressure, Emma also agreed to chart her progress in a weekly column for The Times. Honest, hard-hitting and yet romantic, An Apple a Day is a manifesto for the modern generation to stop starving and start living. This compelling, life-affirming true story is essential reading for anyone affected by eating disorders (whether as a sufferer or ally), anyone interested in health and social issues – and for medical and health professionals."
Average Rating: 3.62/5

I said: 3/5 stars, "This book was a very upfront and honest confrontation of a battle against anorexia that had lasted over a decade. I was not personally a fan of how it was written in chapters that were written as it was happening. They seemed to lack the proper editing or point of view for my taste. I felt that the author could have provided more insight by writing it all afterwards. On the other hand, this book inspired me to start writing more, in hopes of helping myself cope with and recover from my own issues with depression and anxiety."

4. Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes, by Tom Roth
 GoodReads says: "From the author of StrengthsFinder 2.0, How Full Is Your Bucket?, Strengths Based Leadership, and Wellbeing comes a transformative book and online application that will improve your health for years to come. While Tom's bestsellers on strengths and well-being have inspired more than 5 million people in the last decade, Eat Move Sleep reveals his greatest passion and expertise. Quietly managing a serious illness for more than 20 years, Tom has assembled a wide range of information on the impact of eating, moving, and sleeping. Written in his classic conversational style, Eat Move Sleep features the most proven and practical ideas from his research. This remarkably quick read offers advice that is comprehensive yet simple and often counterintuitive but always credible. Eat Move Sleep will help you make good decisions automatic -- in all three of these interconnected areas. With every bite you take, you will make better choices. You will move a lot more than you do today. And you will sleep better than you have in years. More than a book, Eat Move Sleep is a new way to live."
Average Rating: 3.53/5

I said: 3/5 stars, " This book was loaded with information from studies, journals, etc. regarding exactly what the title says: eating, moving, and sleeping. In under 200 pages, there were 30 chapters, each with 3 tips. It read more like a collection of snippets from magazines. I did gain quite a bit of tips to use in my daily life, though."

5. The Nest Home Design Handbook, by Carley Roney
 GoodReads says: "Decorating for the first time can be completely overwhelming. How do you find your style? How do you keep expenses under control? What essential pieces does every home need for maximum functionality and flair? How will you merge tastes—and stuff—to create a space that feels like home to you both? Here to take the guesswork out of decorating is The Nest Home Design Handbook, a practical, gorgeous, room-by-room guide to giving your place unique and affordable style."
Average Rating: 3.64/5

I said: 3/5 stars, "This book was extremely in-depth, and looked at room-by-room design solutions for creating a sophisticated home." 

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  1. What a great goal of reading 50 books in 2014, and congrats on just about reaching your goal.
    Mary Alice


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