Thursday, June 5, 2014

Currently - 5 June 2014

Listening - to nothing at the moment. I am at work, and sometimes I prefer the silence to listening to music.

Eating - lots of fruit. Lately I have been going through 1-2 bunches of bananas, a bag of grapes, a carton of strawberries, and more in just one week.

Drinking - water 4ever <3

Reading - I just started reading In the House of the Moon: Reclaiming the Feminine Spirit Healing, but I haven't decided how I feel about it (as always, you can keep up with what I'm reading and my book reviews on GoodReads:

Watching - lately I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on raw vegan diets. I also cannot wait for Orange is the New Black tomorrow! (oh and the new season of So You Think You Can Dance just started & I'm so excited)

Planning - my life. I feel like I am in the midst of yet another existential crisis of some sort. I'm thinking career change...and my lease is up in less than a month and I don't know where I'm living yet.

Wearing - tights (it's a little chilly), rainboots, a blue and purple skirt, and an old light blue (periwinkle?) cropped sweatshirt)

Nails - naked! I haven't painted my nails in a while. I feel like putting plastic colors on my nails inhibits energy from flowing fully through my fingers, especially in my yoga practice

Feeling - anxious and I mentioned, I am ready to explore some different options on my journey in life

Weather - today is a bit chilly for June, and it is raining

Wanting - to escape the 9-5 office life. It is far too stifling for me

Needing - to write some blog posts! (expect a few product reviews, May Instagram, more books, and a halfway point check in on my 2014 goals)

Thinking - about starting a crowd funding page to raise the $10,000 that I would need to get a vocational degree in Holistic Nutrition
Enjoying - how much more I have been doing yoga lately. I feel so much stronger. I love it

Oh, and here, have a selfie that I took when I was out on Saturday night.

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