Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Currently - 13 November 2013

I figured that after a long hiatus, the best way to jump into things on my blog would be with a 'life lately' post.

Listening - currently nothing. I did happen across a great podcast last night, though. It's called The Goddess Factory, and it is very empowering!

Eating - I last had some dumplings with soy sauce. (I don't remember what they were called, but I got them from the freezer section in Whole Foods.)

Drinking - Thai's delicious!

Reading - I have been reading like crazy. Find me on GoodReads:

Watching -I have become super obsessed with American Horror Story: Coven (I have not yet seen the first two seasons) and Bomb Girls. If you haven't heard of Bomb Girls, I highly suggest it! It's on Netflix Instant.

Planning - My weekend trip (it's not much of a trip - only an hour by train) back to my parent's house.

Wearing -a short sleeve sweater that I bought a few months ago, pants, and grey boots (that are entirely falling apart)

Nails -bare. naked. lol

Feeling - excited because I am entering yet another chapter of my life...I'm nervous, but looking forward to it

Weather -sunny, but cold (a puddle on the side of the street was partially frozen over)

Wanting - a new job that gives me the freedom to express myself and be who I am

Needing -a job that pays the bills

Thinking - about how much if I didn't have student loans, I would just go live off the land
Enjoying -this amazingly decorated coffee shop that I am currently in, as well as the fact that I am back to blogging!


  1. Cool post!!! :)

  2. Great answer to get to know what you been up to. Come read my tag let me know what you think.

  3. So glad you are back! American Horror Story is so good! I am obsessed with Coven.

    Also, student loans are the worst. I just want to live my life but my life is attached to so. much. loans. Ugh.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  4. You're back! I watched the first season of AHS, and I think I might do a mini-marathon next sunday :-)

  5. Maybe it's my chronic nosinesss, but I love posts like this! xoxox

  6. Love this post, and ugh student loans.

  7. very nice post! :)

  8. Happily decorated coffee shops are just the best :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


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