Sunday, November 11, 2012

Currently - 11 Nov 2012

I really wasn't too sure what I wanted to post today since I've been posting a lot of inspiration pictures and not so much about my life, so when I saw that Shell over at Kitty & Buck was doing a 'Currently' post today, I decided to jump on the bandwagon! I got the themes for this currently post from here (I added a few extras, such as reading, watching, and planning).

>> <<

Listening - I've been going through and reorganizing my iTunes lately; most recently I was sorting through my music by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Eating - pumpkin flax granola with almonds, walnuts, and soy milk

Drinking - water, lots of water

Reading - I'm about to start reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe

Watching - yesterday I watched a few TED Talks on food sustainability. Does anyone have any good suggestions (preferably on Netflix Instant) for what I should watch next (movie, documentary, anything)?

Planning - to finish cleaning up my room this afternoon

Wearing - a vintage floral blouse (same one as I was wearing here) and some sweatpants (I'm still in bed at noon on a Sunday, hehe)

Feeling - a bit sleepy and lethargic, but overall well. I've been sick lately, but taking this weekend to relax and recover seems to be doing me some good

Weather - mild and slightly cloudy

Wanting - another day to my weekend (for some reason my school is holding classes tomorrow even though it's a national holiday)

Needing - to do some of my schoolwork for tomorrow

Thinking - that I like making this kind of post. What do you think? Should I do these more often?

Enjoying - my new layout, thanks to the lovely Hanifah! (What do you think of it??)

Happy Sunday, my friends!


  1. Netflix recommendations: Home Movies, The Human Experience (doc), Happy(doc), and Once Upon a Time.

    I love currently post. I think if you like doing it, you should it do more often :)

    Good Day,


  2. You have an adorable blog!
    I enjoyed the post very much!
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!

  3. I love this post! Such a great idea and a fun way to get to know you better :)


  4. Cute post love it

  5. Feeling - Weather - Wanting

    am at the same page with you in all of those!! hahah Great idea for post!

  6. Toller blog, bin zum 1. mal leserin von einem englischen blog ! :)
    lg <3

  7. I wish I ate as healthy as you on Sundays... Today is my "fat" day. LOL


  8. Lovely post!

  9. You have a really lovely blog page, different & refreshing :)

    I enjoyed this post, you should do more.

    Just followed you.

    -Ciara xo

  10. I've always wanted to read that book, let me know if it's any good!!

    If you get any time spare, please come and visit my blog :)



  11. Thanks for your comment. Haha, I want to finish cleaning up my room this evening too :)

  12. I'm glad you like them! :) I like this kind of posts! xx

  13. OMG I love this post! It is so inspiring and I love to get to know what is going on with the perons behind the blos I like. Really amazing. I cleaned my room this afternoon as well :) Follow you on bloglovin now :) Cant wait for you to visit me and follow back if you like :) Cant wait for your next post!! :) XOXO

  14. Thanks for your visit dear! :)
    Now follow ,
    Kiss from

  15. Hi dear, i love reading fun cute lists like these, its always interesting hearing the thought s and loves of other great bloggers!

  16. Sounds like an enjoyable afternoon. I'm jealous! hahaha Love your new layout!
    I finally got a picture of my sons Halloween costume posted.

  17. Great post, you have a very interesting blog. Following!

  18. Love your post.

  19. It´s nice to be creative some times, you did a great post, Have a nice week!

  20. Loving this post - have to say that your granola sounds so delish!

  21. Love your blog, your new layout is perfect!

    xoxo, Femke By Button

  22. Cool post !

    I like the way you posted this :)



  23. those earrings are from H&M, just 4,99€ :)
    thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment, love your post! nice blog:) im following you now. hope see u soon in my blog again and follow me back! xx have a really nice monday :)

    im thinking about do a giveaway in my blog,
    what do you like to receive if you win?

  24. netflix docs:
    wild and wonderful whites of west virginia
    between the folds
    exit through the gift shop

  25. Ooo I am planning on cleaning my room too, especially my closet. it is a huge mess!

  26. I love this!!

  27. I have so many movies in my netflix queue that I wish I had time for! I can't wait for break so I can catch up!


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