Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Currently: 16 December 2015

Listening - nothing right now. I was trying to load a show, but my internet is really failing me right now.

Eating - I just had some plain pasta. not the healthiest choice, but it could certainly be worse

Drinking - water 4eva

Reading -  I'm currently in the middle of a few different books (and I'm almost done with my 50 book goal!). you can check out all of my books on GoodReads (

Watching - I need to catch up on American Horror Story: Hotel. I've only watched a few episodes, but I'm enjoying it so far

Planning - the weekend of Urban Nutcracker performances. for more information on the Boston-based spin on the traditional Nutcracker that I am performing in, visit

Wearing - my standard sweatpants and flannel (I don't wear much else when I am lounging around at home)

Nails -I should probably consider taking this off of here since I never paint my nails anymore (although I wouldn't turn down getting a mani/pedi if someone wants to take me for one...)

Feeling - like I never have anything to say when I write these posts. do you all like them?

Weather - it has been unusually warm for December (yesterday it was around 60F/15C), but I am cold already

Wanting - blankets and snuggles!

Needing - to finish purchasing Christmas gifts! I think I have an order to place on Amazon and another super secret order to place and then I will be done

Enjoying - holiday lights! they are so festive and always put a smile on my face. this picture is of La Salette, a Catholic Shrine that my family has always visited to see the lights. I have so many memories from there (not by me-click on photo for source)

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