Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Ely Watch by JORD

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to be sharing this post with you today. I was contacted by JORD, a maker of hand-crafted wood watches, to try out and share my opinion of their watch, and I am so glad I did - this watch rocks!

The watch that I chose is the gorgeous Ely watch in Green Sandalwood & Maple.

Truthfully, I chose the green sandalwood and maple watch for the gorgeous color, but sandalwood is one of my favorite scents for incense and essential oils, while maple is one of the most familiar trees to me, having grown up in New England.

On their site, JORD explains the inspiration behind the Ely watch:
Our hometown of St. Louis has a downtown dotted with historic brick buildings. Varying in size and structure the modest designs have remained relevant to the modern day businesses and homes that now inhabit them, like the Ely Walker Warehouse - now lofts - that our Ely is named for. Its classic styling and construction has stood the test of time. Time honored style will find no lack of appreciation in the present day.

In order to show off my beautiful new watch, my friend, Jen, and I went out for a walk around Gammino Pond in the town that I grew up in.

I really wanted to take pictures with this watch out in nature to showcase the beauty of its natural elements.

The JORD website also includes some interesting information about the materials of its products.

Did you know that the average tree height of a maple tree is 90 feet? They also include information on wood sources, sustainability, and more for each of their products, as well as information on the watch movements and glass.

"Sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living, JORD owners don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go."

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