Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Currently: 23 September 2014

Listening - currently nothing. I decided to write this post because the episode of Oddities that I was watching stopped (my internet is a bit slow)

Eating - I am waiting for my housemate to finish preparing dinner - it's his night to cook

Drinking - lots and lots of water, as always

Reading -  about 5 different books. The one that is on my lap right now is The Forest Unseen by David G. Haskell (as always, you can keep up with what I'm reading and my book reviews on GoodReads: goodreads.com/wildflowerchild)

Watching - as I just mentioned, I'm in the middle of an episode of Oddities on Netflix
Planning - my weekend (already!?). I have to decide if I want to go to Vermont with my boyfriend or stay home for the open mic night that we are having in my house Saturday night

Wearing -a floral tunic (which I have just posted for sale on Vinted - visit my shop: http://www.vinted.com/members/1705095-melissalynnamaral) along with a pair of yoga pants...I just got home from work, and am relaxing
Nails -bare...and bitten :/

Feeling - exhausted! I spent about nine hours watching the girls I nanny for today

Weather -chilly. too chilly. I love autumn, but I feel like it has not been long enough since winter for it to be getting cold already

Wanting - to go to bed! ...it won't be for a few more hours though

Needing -to find a USB mouse for my laptop, since I can no longer right-click to copy and paste photos (hence no Tumblr Tuesday post again)

Thinking -about life. Yes, that was vague on purpose. I couldn't really think of a good enough answer
Enjoying -the blog UFYH (un-f*** your habit) on tumblr. they have a lot of posts that inspire me to clean up my act (mostly my room)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. My nails are a mess as well right now. At least your outfit is cute though!

  2. 23 - 9 is my birthday , i went to a fish restaurant then blew up my candle with my family ,



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