Monday, May 19, 2014

Shall we try this again? (& Instagram Update)

Clearly I managed to fall off the blogging wagon yet again way back in February. Right at the time that I stopped blogging, I started a new job, and once again, that started consuming my life (way more than I would like to admit).

I am still at the job now, but I am really trying to learn how to make time to work on my blog every day. I have missed blogging greatly, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Does anyone have any tips on balancing blogging with a hectic everyday life?

Anyway, I wanted to post some of my favorite and most popular instagram pictures that I've taken in the past few months (I went on a brief hiatus from instagram, as well, but am back). You can follow me @wildflwrchild (

  1. February 10: the frozen Charles River
  2. March 27: throwback Thursday to around 1993
  3. March 29: the first day it finally wasn't freezing cold, so I finally wore my TOMS
  4. April 12: I spent the most fabulous day by the Charles with my friends
  5. April 14: getting whipped by the wind on my lunch break in the park
  6. April 19: enjoying an ultra-fancy martini with my friends at Eastern Standard
  7. April 22: food from one of my new favorite places to get lunch, Dado Tea in Cambridge

Other fun things I did in the time I was away from blogging include being at the Boston Marathon to cheer everyone on, see Boston Ballet's performance of Cinderella with my family for my birthday, get a new bicycle to ride around the city on, turn 23, go to some rad shows and parties, and more!


  1. Love your updates, I love the first pic the most, beautiful scenery<3

    Btw, can we follow each other at instagram? my ID is poeticfix612


  2. Cool photos, love the landscapes :)

  3. I love the Frozen Charles river picture :)



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